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Trial Restart – July 2021

PITHIA is back! Restarting 1st July 2021. Please don’t forget to order those biopsies. Here is a reminder:

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Midday 20th March 2020 -Trial Suspension

We are sorry to announce a suspension of the PITHIA trial until further notice. The decision has not been taken lightly, but given the current situation with COVID-19 in the UK and disruption to donation and transplant services, we could not continue to run the trial as normal. We hope this will free laboratory and clinical staff to focus on the emergency response and try to minimise disruption to the trial design. We will try to restart the trial (from the same point) as soon as possible, although this is likely to be some months away. Thank you all for your support for the trial so far, we will update you as soon as we have more information. Good luck!



1st November 2019: Randomisation Announcement for phase 5 – Laura Pankhurst, Trial Statistician.



PITHIA Newsletters

PITHIA Newsletter [1] November 2017 – HRA and Ethics submission

PITHIA_Newsletter [2]_January 2018 – First centres get R&D approvals

PITHIA_Newsletter [3]_February 2018 – More centres come online

PITHIA_Newsletter [4]_June 2018 – Scanners installed in Cambridge, Royal Free, Newcastle and Birmingham

PITHIA_Newsletter [5]_September 2018 – We’re ready to go. Start date 1st October 2018


1st March 2019 – Trial Meeting – MRC Conference Centre, London

PITHIA Trial Meeting Agenda - 1st March 2019
Trial Update - Dominic Summers
Biopsy Method - Tobi Ayorinde
Review of Month 1 - Emma Laing
Dual Transplantation - Maria Ibrahim
Experience from Portsmouth - Paul Gibbs
Kidney Allocation - Lisa Mumford
NHSBT Hub Operations Team - Mick Stokes
What does PITHIA mean for your centre - Gavin Pettigrew
The Announcement - Helen Thomas

3rd October 2017 – RCS London Meeting

Introduction Emma Laing
National Requirement for Histopathology Roberto Cacciola
PITHIA Overview Gavin Pettigrew & Dom Summers 
Interpreting the Remuzzi Score Desley Neil
Cambridge Histopathology Meryl Griffiths 
Principles of the SW-CRT Karla Hemming 
Data Collection and Analysis Laura Pankhurst 
Digital Pathology Simon Kimber 
Economic Analysis Ed Wilson 
Expansion of DCD Kidney Transplantation Gavin Pettigrew 
Logistical Aspects of the Trial Claire Williment