Guidelines for Professionals

How to Take a PITHIA biopsy

NB. NORS teams, please leave biopsy open for the implanting team to close.

SOPs and request forms

PITHIA_Laboratory SOP_v1.5_2020_02_24

PITHIA SOP_Collection of PITHIA Samples by NORS Team_v1.4_2019_06_12

PITHIA_Histopathology (Remuzzi) Report_v1.6_2019_02_15

PITHIA_Pathologist Contact Sheet_v1.4_2021_06_15

PITHIA_Quick User Guide for DESK Slide Scanner_v1.1

PITHIA_Biopsy Request Form_v1.3_2018_12_03

Email Template – Laboratory Break

Pathology calendar:

If more than one name is listed against a time slot – contact any one of those listed

Emergency Contacts:

Dr Desley Neil
Mobile:  07462 532026 or 07702 154389
Work:  0121 371 3349
Home: 0121 2479269

Dr Sathia Thiru
Mobile: 07786 467382
Work: 01223 349371
Home: 01223 845823 (home)